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About Me

Hi! My name is Tobias Nylin and I’m a game developer from Stockholm. I’m working as a Gameplay Programmer at Odd Raven Studios. I’ve studied Game Design at the school Futuregames and before getting hired by Odd Raven Studios I did my internship there.

The disciplines I have specialized in are technical design and gameplay programming. I like to design and iterate on ideas as much as I love to make a reality of those ideas through code. Since I know both these disciplines, not only can I come up with new interesting ideas, but I can also showcase them by making a rapid prototype, and later implement them for real in the game.

Before I decided to become a professional game developer I worked as a system developer implementing websites. I got a lot of experience with C# and learned how to properly plan my work, and how to work in teams through agile methodologies. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. At the university, I learned about C++, linear algebra, physics, and AI to name some.

Futuregames, is a two-year practical education. Through my studies, I have gained a deeper understanding of all the aspects of game design, improved my scripting skills, learned about how to make intuitive UX, how to guide the player in a good way in level design, and how to make sure the game is of good quality through QA. The education also includes four game projects. Through the projects, I learned that coordinating a game project is challenging, and sometimes you need to cut things to meet a deadline. I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone a lot in the projects. I’ve been pitching for a jury, been a Scrum Master, and a Product Owner. All the courses and projects were performed in close collaboration with the industry, e.g. DICE, King, and Mojang.

I never dive into work before thinking it through. I always use a project management software, e.g. Trello, for planning my work proactively, whether I work individually or in a team. For managing the projects themselves I use GIT or Perforce.

I like to compose and produce music, I use FL Studio. Mainly music that is inspired by video game music from the early days of gaming. At school, I did the soundtrack in one of our projects. I’m also interested in sound design in general and have experience using FMOD in projects.

I have a basic understanding of 3D modeling and can make quick mockups in Blender for use in prototypes.

My favorite game franchises are Castlevania, Mega Man, and Metroid. I like to go to events and buy retro games, NES is my favorite. I listen more to video game music than “real” music.

Basically, most of my life revolves around video games!

Best regards, Tobias Nylin

Tobias Nylin.

+46 70 468 33 45